Suza Singh

The Renaissance Woman

Suza was born in the United Kingdom, and she likes to think of herself as an artisan and Renaissance Woman.

 She was trained at the BBC in Media Studies along with music technology and engineering. She works with private enterprise, government and academia creating and facilitating workshops on creativity.


In her debut movie she held a record number of roles including Writer,  Producer, Director, Editor, Motion Graphic Artist, Composer and Actress. Always attracted to the wholistic approach of story telling she follows in the footsteps of her hero's Tesla, DaVinci, and Kate Bush. As a songwriter and songsress she wrote a number of scores for Operation Loonie Bin. " She has performed alongside Motown recording artist Norman Brown, and for royals such as Amelda Marcus. The video has music that was composed by Suza and lyrics co-written and performed by Jay Ross. The idea for the collaboration occured one evening after filming. The song birthed itself to become the theme behind the trailer. ." This was the start of the project. She started the script by acting out absurd situations with her daughter and then improved much of the ideas to formulate the script. "I love to work with my team on many of my projects. I work mainly closed set and I feel it is essential in creating a comfortable environment that enable actors and crew to take risks."

Recently appointed to the Board of WIFT (Women In Film and TV Alberta) as Treasurer. Suza has recently  been busy presenting to MLA's Matt Jeneroux in Edmonton.