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Fighting for your Canadian Rights

Sunny singh for mayor

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My name is Sunny Singh,

I would like to share with you my latest news.

I am an official candidate for the mayor of Calgary.

I am an ex-sheriff, martial artist and an action actor.

These are my top 3 points for my campaign.

  1. Securing the rights of every Calgarian, starting with the Canadian Charter of Right

  2. The preservation of all Calgary businesses

  3. The cancellation of property tax for all seniors


In 2017 I petitioned Mayor Nenshi to bring the World Police and Fire games to Calgary, which would have brought 10 million dollars to the city for small business.  660 News covered it;  City TV and the Metro also covered it.

However, Mr. Nenshi completely ignored it.  


As an athlete I spent my every last penny representing Canada in Taekwondo, without any assistance from the government, as do many Canadian athletes.

Through it all, I learned this! When you are receiving 200K a year, you have little to no incentive to help anyone other than themselves. I am not a politician,  we don’t need any more politicians. We just need ordinary people who care.

If you would like to support me, go to or Facebook on Sunnysinghformayor

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More about me!

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